Popular company gifts

Customize your own useful and unique company gifts, with which you can attract potential clients. Giving a promotional gift is a very useful promotional strategy to help you achieve your marketing and sales objectives. You can use our merchandising as a company related detail with your clients as part of a customer loyalty strategy.

Economical company gifts with your logo

Give economical promotional gifts alongside your advertising campaign to reach a greater audience. Reinforce the message of a particular event with a company gift that has a good quality-price ratio, the perfect combination. You can use customized publicity products with your logo to increase your sales through publicity campaigns aimed at your target market.

Perfect publicity gifts for your customers

Take advantage of customized publicity products to reach your sales targets. Our clients use business gifts to reinforce their brand image through advertising promotions designed to stand out in advertising events or corporate conferences. You can also use promotional campaigns as the point of sale to motivate customers to purchase.

Why choose promotionice.com ?

  • The lowest prices
  • On-time delivery
  • Free prototype design
  • Expert Advice
  • The best catalogue
  • Satisfaction or refund

  | Customized or non-customized company gifts in record time

At Promotionice.com we believe that the experience of buying customized gift items online should be fast simple and effective. That’s why we continue to improve our online publicity gifts shop everyday, paying special attention to the benefits for our “bosses”, the clients and users of our customized and non-customized gifts website. You can buy gifts for companies, organizations or on a personal basis without need to make a minimum purchase, expect for special productions.

The benefits of buying your customized gifts with Promotionice.com.

In our online shop publicity products you can analyse the detailed information of each product in a comfortable way and with many advantages:

  • 360° view for more than 2000 publicity items
  • Real-time stocks: so you don’t waste your time ordering promotional gifts that you later realise aren’t in stock.
  • Economical and original company gifts: the lowest prices in the sector, from the first unit...and if you are responsible for a large purchase for events or promotional campaigns you can request a quote in just 2 clicks, you will receive the figure in less than 24 hours with your special price without sacrificing the quality or security that Promotionice.com offers.
  • Personalized customer service: Get in contact with us if you have any questions or want advice on the most appropriate corporate gifts for your events and you will always be answered by one of corporate gifts experts.
  • Free Delivery for orders over 200 €.
  • Total satisfaction guarantee: if there is something that you don’t like, let us know.
  • Easy returns: for non-customized orders you have 30 days to ask for a refund, without explications.

Gifts and advertising: a very effective combination

Merchandising for companies is a very effective reinforcement for marketing strategies, business initiatives, customer loyalty strategies. Advertising products help to achieve increasing sales, customer loyalty and brand awareness strategies, all this with a budget tailored to your needs and the size of your target audience.

Variety in publicity products

In your online store you can find around 5000 advertising gifts ready to be customized with your logo or message. The variety of the catalogue and the filtering options are very important, since when you select the customized objects you have to look at the profile of your clients or the recipients of the promotional strategy. The best promotional gift is always the most practical and useful for the recipient, so depending on the objective and type of event, different customized products will be required - seasonal, classical or even economical and simple gifts can be used to reach a wider audience. Above all they must practical for the recipient, as this ensures that our investment will be optimized and our message will go further.