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    Customised hats made of straw or cloth, cheap hats for summer parties and events

    Festivals, summer parties and mass events are all ideal times for your brand to stand out on the ribbon of some personalised straw hats. Why? Because at these types of celebrations we like to attract attention, especially by wearing accessories. And if we add to that the fact that it protects us from the sun, why would we want more? In our shop you can buy online engraved hats with your company's advertising. This product is always very popular with people, and attracts all eyes in any of the situations mentioned above. We have made many of these corporate gifts for sponsors of summer events so that no one goes home without knowing who the sponsor was. Other merchandising items that are often given as gifts on these occasions are cheap fans and personalised handkerchiefs.

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    Frequently asked questions about customised hats

    What materials are your engraved fitted hats made of?

    We have at your disposal, on the one hand, fabric hats in mainly synthetic and polyester fabrics, although we also have some models in cotton. And on the other hand, the famous straw hats that everyone knows and has worn at some time. The ribbon is made of fabric and can also be bought separately.

    What types of cheap promotional hats do you sell online?

    On our website you will see that we have personalised hats in different designs, such as wide brimmed hats, fedora hats, safari hats, cowboy hats... Some of them have a string to fit better on the head. We have different models and sizes to fit the shiny heads of your customers.

    How do you customise the sun hats in your workshops?

    The promotional hats we have normally have a ribbon that is printed and personalised with silk-screen printing, which is then sewn on. However, there are some models that allow the design to be printed directly onto the beach hat. Choose the one you like best and protect your customers from the sun while giving visibility to your brand.

    Why buy custom screen printed hats?

    This product is excellent as a corporate gift for the summer or hotter seasons. Not only is it cheap and of good quality, it is also useful and functional and can be used as a gift at outdoor events or on very hot days, whether they are parties, demonstrations, rallies... It is also very popular as an original souvenir at weddings and christenings. Take advantage of sunny days and make your customers wear your logo while they protect themselves from the sun!

    What size or sizes do your personalised hats for men and women come in?

    Most commonly they are one size fits all with an inner circumference of about 56-58 cm, a standard size that is comfortable and fits most heads. In any case, the actual size is specified on each model (if this information is not available, please contact us, as this may be a new product). You should also bear in mind that when the original hats are embroidered with the ribbon, they get a few centimetres narrower.