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    Personalised lanyards with your advertising to hang your keys on

    Badge holder lanyards have many advertising advantages. For starters, they have many different uses depending on the event, the occasion or even the professional activity of your customers. We also take into account that they are hung around the neck, so the visibility of the brand is optimal, generating many impacts for your business. And to top it all off, these credential lanyards are inexpensive, making them low-cost branding and an ideal complement to other promotional gifts.

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    Frequently asked questions about personalised lanyards

    What is a personalised key tag with badge and what are they used for?

    It is a retractable badge holder that is placed around the neck with an object hanging from it, normally credentials, but they can also be used for keys, USBs... They are very useful to carry something on us comfortably and easily, without us forgetting it. It is also the ideal complement at trade fairs and congresses as it is easy to display accreditations.

    What can you hang on a custom logo lanyard?

    They are usually used for badges and name cards, although they are also used as lanyards for keys. In recent years they have become popular for mobile phones (if they have a lanyard attachment on the device or case). They can also be used to hang whistles and stopwatches for sports competitions; pens, pen drives, and other tools that we use on a daily basis and are small in size.

    What materials are your personalised badge holders made of?

    The travelcard holders you will see in our catalogue can be made of silicone, polyester, nylon, or even 100% cotton. Whichever option you prefer for your target, we assure you that this corporate gift offers great resistance and quality to accompany your attendees to any event or occasion.

    What models of personalised lanyards do you offer in your online catalogue?

    In our online shop you will find large card holders in a wide variety of models and colours, different ribbon thicknesses and types of carabiners that will serve to hold your badge, mobile phone or keys. There are some classic models and other more modern ones that even include a charging cable for your mobile phone or a torch.

    How do you personalise the custom card holders in your workshops?

    We can print your logo using different techniques. We use screen printing for simple designs with few colours and the printing is not done on the entire ribbon, but we can also use sublimation if you want your logo in full colour and on the entire surface of the ribbon (for this we have special models). You should take into account the colour of the hanging ribbons so that it matches the design of your logo as well as possible and does not interfere with the print result. Whatever the occasion, our logo lanyards are suitable for you because of their endless possibilities of personalisation.

    What are the advantages of giving advertising lanyards as a gift?

    For starters, it's a convenient promotional gift (you won't even notice you're wearing it) and practical for conferences and events if your clients also go to places where they need to be identified, and even for workplaces where it's compulsory to carry identification, such as office workers or nurses in hospitals. Another advantage is that it is a cheap and inexpensive product, which makes it an ideal gift so that your customers don't get lost and lose their belongings.