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    Cheap personalised polo shirts with your company's advertising embroidered on them

    Business polo shirts with a logo are usually a worthwhile investment. First of all, the space for the printing and its visibility when your customers or employees wear them is huge. Secondly, it is a corporate gift that has a good image, we position it as a product with more value than a t-shirt, which in certain promotions can be perfect. And finally, the key aspect is the usefulness of the product. Depending on your customer profile, it can be a perfect present, they will use it often and that will generate more and more advertising impact for your brand.

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    Frequently asked questions about customised polos

    What materials are your personalised polos made of?

    In our online shop you can find cheap embroidered polo shirts for men and women made of high quality fabrics. Their material is usually mainly cotton, although you can also find them in polyester. Their pique knit finish (you will recognise it by its geometric pattern) provides flexibility, breathability and durability.

    What types of custom polo shirts with logo can I find in your catalogue?

    All the corporate polo shirts with logo we have for sale are very similar in style, but you can find them in different models: with short sleeves, long sleeves, with one or several buttons on the collar, and with piping on the collar and sleeves. There are also some models more oriented to work or uniform polo shirts, and others to sports or technical polo shirts.

    How do you customise corporate polo shirts in your workshops?

    The most classic option is to embroider your logo in small areas such as the heart or on the sleeves. One of the advantages of this technique is that its price does not depend on the number of colours in your design, so if you want to customise with many colours, your polos with logo will be cheaper than other techniques. Another option is screen printing, a technique that gives very good results and is suitable for large designs on the chest or back. It is a good option when your advertising does not have many colours and the order is a large quantity, because the costs are significantly reduced. Finally, we highlight sublimation, ideal for polyester sports polo shirts. With this technique you can achieve good results in both colour and dimensions.

    Why choose personalised polos for my brand?

    Screen printed polo shirts are one of the most valued corporate gifts and offer multiple advantages. Depending on the size of the branding area, you can achieve high visibility and impact if your goal is to make yourself known to potential customers. It is also a useful tool as a uniform for your employees if you want to transmit quality and professionalism. Thanks to their versatility, they are also suitable for other occasions such as events or sporting celebrations, making them an advertising gift that will be the centre of attention of all eyes.

    Is there a minimum order quantity for personalised embroidered polo shirts?

    One of the advantages of our online shop is that we don't require a minimum order quantity. You can order from one promotional polo shirt to as many as you need for your customers. We sell both wholesale and retail high quality polo shirts, although wholesale has more advantages because the higher the quantity, the better discount we can give you and the price per unit will decrease.