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    Personalised lighters and cigarette lighters engraved with your logo at the best price

    Light the fuse of your brand with cheap custom lighters for gifts. It is a practical, economical merchandising product that has many uses beyond smoking. Fire can be present in the kitchen, or as a tool for different manual works or in festivities with pyrotechnic elements such as fireworks or bonfires. They are also very useful in the mountains or camping. In any case, they are always with your advertising engraved on them, generating low cost impacts for your business. It is one of the most classic business gifts together with personalised pens and can be given together with advertising ashtrays, a good combination to make yourself known.

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    Frequently asked questions about customized lighters

    What are the best-selling personalised cigarette lighters?

    The most popular cheap lighters we sell are cricket lighters and electronic lighters. You can also find them in other styles such as Zippo if you are looking for more elegant, kitchen specific and usb lighters. We have some more original models with LED lights and bright colours to make these promotional gifts stand out from the rest. We also have a range of sizes to suit all budgets, as well as some with original prints.

    How do you personalise engraved lighters gifts?

    The most commonly used technique is pad printing, as it is the cheapest option and adapts to the flat or cylindrical surfaces of the advertising product. On the other hand, we find screen printing, also an economical technique, and laser engraving, which is usually applied to American-style metal lighters, obtaining an elegant and durable finish.

    What are the parts of a customised lighter and how do they work?

    The basic parts that make up a cool cheap lighter are the wheel, the stone, the push button, the valve, the tank and the gas, which is usually propane or liquid butane. The mechanism is simple: you turn the wheel that generates the spark and then press the push button that releases the gas. The spark and the gas combust and the flame appears, which will continue to burn until the button is released.

    When to give personalised electronic lighters as a gift?

    Contrary to appearances, rechargeable lighters and custom engraved lighters are not only a gift for smokers, they are also useful for use in the kitchen, as a handicraft tool, for parties, in the mountains or even camping. It is a gift that is very useful in everyday life and, with your engraved advertising, your brand will get a lot of impact at a low cost.