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    Personalised pens with advertising to give as gifts to your customers and employees

    Advertising pens are one of the most typical corporate gifts when it comes to advertising for brands of all types of companies. This is due to their versatility, who doesn't use a pen every day?  Practically no one, and regardless of what you do for a living, it's always good to have some ink to write with. 

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    Frequently asked questions about personalised pens

    What materials are personalised logo pens made of?

    The most common material you can find is plastic due to its low manufacturing cost, but you can also find other materials such as aluminium, metal, cork, recycled cardboard, bamboo, cane and wheat straw... As you can see you have many options, but the choice will depend on the promotional action you are going to carry out, your target audience and the budget you have.

    How are business pens personalised?

    The personalisation technique used for cheap pens with logo depends on the pen material. For plastic, pad printing with ink is usually used, a simple technique with good results in terms of quality and speed. For metal finishes it is better to laser engrave the logo for greater durability and resistance, as well as a more elegant and distinguished finish. We also have more and more references that allow full-colour engraving with digital techniques such as UV printing.

    What types of gift pens do you have available online?

    You can choose from a wide variety of personalised logo pens: in mini size to carry them always with you, with marker, with laser, with USB memory, with mobile phone holder, with case, with stylus, etc. You'll also find rollers if you're looking for fine writing; cases and gift sets; and pencils, mechanical pencils, highlighters and even pens to complete your gift and make your customer happier.

    What are the most important parts of a promotional pen with a logo?

    A pen consists of the barrel (the body), the filler (the ink container), the ball (found at the tip of the pen), the clip and the ink, which is thick and not soluble in water, so it resists a long time in the tanks without drying out, although it dries instantly when writing. The vast majority of cheap personalised pens for gifts are printed on the barrel because it is the part that is most visible, but you can also personalise the clip, which although smaller is very eye-catching.

    What colour of ink is usually used in the barrel of a corporate gift pen?

    Most of the models of imprinted pens sold in Spain write in blue, which is the most commonly used in our country (according to a study by the manufacturer BIC in 2015, 80% of Spaniards prefer to write by hand in blue). Although it is also true that we have quite a few black pens, which are more successful in other EU countries. In our shop you will also find red and green pens, and multicolour pens with 4 or 8 colours.