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    Personalised bracelets for advertising and merchandising

    Why not put your brand or message on printed wristbands? The wrist of your customers or event attendees is a perfect place to position your logo or phrase and have them see it every day, remembering the experience with your organisation.

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    Frequently asked questions about personalised bracelets

    What materials are your personalised fabric wristbands made of?

    Promotional wristbands are quite common among promotional gifts. You can find them with different designs and clasp formats. You can also find rubber bracelets which are usually made of silicone, rubber or plastic, which are quite flexible and available in a wide variety of bright colours. For the more sophisticated we also have materials such as metal, steel and personalised pearl bracelets for occasions that require a more elegant accessory.

    What techniques do you use in your workshops to personalise hand bracelets?

    Screen printing is the technique we use most often for fabric and plastic bracelets, as it gives good results and has a low cost. They can also be customised with sublimation, a technique that allows the design to be printed over the entire surface. For this purpose, we have a wider model of wristbands so that you can fully customise it. For materials such as silicone or metal, we prefer techniques such as hot stamping or laser engraving, which are more durable.

    What types of personalised wristbands do you stock in your shop?

    We have a wide variety of bracelets available for sublimation with different designs and colours. From the popular fabric and cheap silicone wristbands, to more modern bracelets with LED lights, reflective, etc. We also have more elegant bracelets to wear, some even with Swarovski crystals. Whatever you're looking for, you'll find the perfect leather wristband to suit your customer's wrist!

    When can I give my customers printed wristbands as advertising gifts?

    Wristbands for events and festival bracelets certainly come to mind, as attendees are often given this souvenir with the logo of the event, which is used as a ticket to enter the event. But it is also common to see them as part of a branding action for employees, for associations such as NGOs and for trade fairs, thus generating relationships with other companies and potential customers who are interested. Engraved bracelets are a promotional gift that generates a lot of brand recall, your customers won't be able to avoid seeing it several times a day when they are wearing it!