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    Personalised mugs to gift your customers or your employees with

    Discover our entire catalogue of customised mugs online that we have available for you or your company. You will find ceramic mugs, cups with original designs, coffee mugs and a long etcetera that you can discover on this page. We are sure that you will find the promotional mug at a good price that you have been looking for so long.

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    Frequently asked questions about personalised mugs

    What materials are your large personalised mugs made of?

    Ceramic travel mugs, along with enamelled metal mugs, are the most popular, but you can also find other materials such as bamboo fibre or wheat straw, porcelain, glass, plated aluminium, polypropylene, etc. In short, a wide range of materials to choose the next merchandising gift depending on your client, the use they will make of the personalised coffee travel mug and the image you want to transmit.

    What is the sublimation technique for customised photo mugs?

    Sublimation is an excellent technique for printing designs as images. You can customise any artwork, from phrases to photos, with a full-colour result. What's more, sublimation ensures that the design won't rub off in the dishwasher or microwave, making it the perfect technique if you're looking to keep your brand with your audience for a long time.

    What models of sublimated mugs do you have available in your shop?

    We have all kinds of tea cups: large or smaller models, with built-in spoon, with lid, in sets with plate included, with the handle in original shapes like a heart, etc. Each personalised travel cup is packed in an individual box. Here the possibilities are endless if you want to customise and have your own unique mug with the style of your brand.

    How are the logo mugs printed in your workshops?

    Any of our tea mugs can be printed with the logo or design of your choice. To do this, we offer different printing techniques so that you can choose the one that best suits your design. The most common and cheapest is pad printing, but you can also use sublimation, ceramic transfer or laser for those made of metallic material or some ceramic ones that resist it.

    To whom and when to give personalised coffee flasks with design?

    As a useful and practical item, it is not surprising that all kinds of companies use ceramic mugs in their marketing and advertising strategies. For example, it is very common to find them as a gift in Welcome Packs for new employees or as a tool to create brand image in the office. They can also be used in other areas, for example as a gift for guests at weddings, communions, or even at events and trade fairs. As you can see, the occasions for giving metal mugs are endless and your clients will have a nice souvenir when they drink their coffee in the morning.

    Can I put my merchandising mugs in the dishwasher or microwave ?

    It is possible that the logo may deteriorate over time. To slow down this process, we recommend washing your mugs by hand without using very hot water, and using them in the microwave at low temperatures. The personalisation techniques that will best preserve your logo over time are sublimation, ceramic transfer and laser.

    What is the difference between ceramic and porcelain mugs ?

    Both ceramic and porcelain are made from clay, sand and other related natural materials. Their difference lies in the firing of the material: ceramic mugs are not subjected to a higher temperature and pressure when they are made as porcelain mugs are. This makes porcelain denser and harder than ceramic, which is heavier and less durable, but also cheaper.

    Where can I buy white mugs ?

    If you don't want to personalise the item there is no problem. All the corporate mugs we have available on the website can be ordered neutral without any personalisation. You will save the cost of printing and you will get the product at a much cheaper price than usual and ahead of time. In addition, we have no minimum quantity to buy, so you can buy just one or as many as you like.