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    Personalised tote bags to give as a gift with your brand logo on them

    If you're looking for something to boost your business and bring you closer to your customers, cool tote bags are the perfect gift. This is due to the combination of their low price, great utility and wide visibility in public environments, as printed tote bags are used on the street, in shops, at work or in social life, making your brand shine in the eyes of your potential customers.

    Choose the one you like best from our catalogue and get creative. As there is such a wide variety of fabric tote bags, you can choose the one that most closely matches the style and corporate colours of your company, as well as your company logo, so the detail will be much more eye-catching. This together with its versatility and usefulness will make it a promotional success at any event and with many customer profiles or brands...

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    Frequently asked questions about personalised tote bags

    What materials are your large personalised tote bags made of?

    The most common materials for the beach totes are: cotton, within which we offer various weights to suit your budget and the quality your audience expects to receive; polyester and TNT, also known as non-woven fabric, a fairly inexpensive material and ideal for large promotions. We also have large bags woven from jute and paper, and eco-friendly materials such as recycled PET packaging fabric and other biodegradable compounds.

    How are our woven bags customised with a logo ?

    Screen printing is the most commonly used method because the fabric is printed with very good results in this technique, and it is also more economical as the print run is larger. You can also personalise our work totes with sublimation, screen printing or digital transfer when the design requires many colours or large prints, although these techniques depend on the material and the characteristics of your design.

    What models of advertising tote bags can I buy online?

    We offer a wide variety of urban tote bags to suit your needs: with long handles, short handles, open or zipped, shopping bags, foldable bags, insulated cooler bags, and even special elongated bags for storing bread.

    When do you recommend giving a logo tote bag as a gift ?

    Giving your customers strong tote bags at events and fairs is the ideal moment, because they generate a positive memory of the experience. If these cloth bags are also made of ecological material, you will be able to transmit your brand's commitment to respect the environment. This promotional item can also be used in other types of businesses such as shops and markets, NGOs for fundraising, etc. In short, it is a very versatile product that can be adapted to all kinds of situations.

    What is the minimum order quantity for personalised large bags ?

    There is no minimum order quantity. You can buy from 1 unit of personalised gift tote bags to as many as you need and always with the same purchasing advantages, although you should know that the larger your order is, the better price we can offer you. So you can make your purchase online retail or wholesale, depending on the quantity of products you need.