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    Your advertising on reusable and personalised water bottles with caps

    Personalised reusable plastic or glass water bottles are one of the fastest growing corporate gifts in recent years. The obvious reason is its many advantages, it is a useful and environmentally friendly promotional gift. It avoids the consumption of single-use plastic cups and bottles, by refilling the same customised bottle every day at work, at home and when doing sport. If you prefer a bottle that can withstand the temperature, you can check out our steel thermos bottles.

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    Frequently asked questions about personalised water bottles

    What materials are your personalised drink bottles made of?

    You can find these promotional products made of all kinds of materials. From glass, plastic, stainless steel and metal, which are the most common, to bamboo fibre or cork for a more original and ecological personalisation. Avoid the consumption of single-use plastic cups and bottles by giving reusable custom logo water bottles to your clients, it is not only useful but also environmentally friendly!

    What types of screen printed bottles for companies do you have in your shop?

    We have a wide variety of advertising water bottles for all kinds of occasions. We have water bottles, steel thermos bottles, aluminium bottles, personalised thermos bottles, normal and collapsible jerry cans, with straws, etc. Your choice will depend on what you are looking for for your target audience, but we encourage you to take a look at our catalogue, we are sure you will find what you are looking for!

    How do you personalise your cheap personalised water bottles with your logo?

    The customisation techniques for reusable water bottles depend on the material you choose. You can choose from pad printing or circular screen printing (which is the cheapest option), to resin drop or laser. The latter is perfect if you are looking for a more elegant and durable result

    When is it best to give company branded water bottles as a gift to make it a sure hit?

    Trade fairs are a good occasion to give these corporate gifts that reinforce your brand image and make you known. They can also be used to build customer loyalty or as a gift for your employees, so that they can use them every day during their working day or when they are at the gym. They are also a great gift for weddings, christenings and birthdays, as it is a very personal gift that never fails.

    Can the refillable water bottles be personalised with the name of my employees?

    No problem! You can count on us to personalise your merchandising bottles with the name of your employees or most valued customers. This personalisation is done with laser engraving and the result is quite sophisticated.

    What is better to give as a gift: a plastic, glass or stainless steel water bottle?

    Plastic is lighter and easier to transport than glass. There are different varieties of plastic, although the best ones are those that are BPA-free (chemical compound) and are a good choice as a resistant bottle for children. Glass is a more fragile and heavier material, but is more environmentally friendly than plastic. Stainless steel keeps liquids hot or cold much longer than plastic or glass. If you are looking for a more sustainable option, we recommend glass or stainless steel for your eco-friendly bottles

    What is the Tritan that you make your plastic bottles from and what about rPET?

    Tritan water bottles are a type of plastic that is free of BPA and any bisphenol, which makes them safer than other materials as they are completely safe to be in direct contact with food and drink, as well as not retaining odours and flavours. It has the advantage of being a very resistant and lightweight recyclable plastic, and can be washed in the dishwasher, stored in the freezer or put in the microwave without deterioration. RPET, on the other hand, is recycled PET (plastic) made from waste material. It is often used for bottles and packaging, and the main advantage it has over other materials is that it generates fewer CO2 emissions than other materials.