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    Personalised backpacks for companies, a cheap way of advertising and branding

    If you have a company or a business of any kind and you are thinking about the different possibilities that exist when it comes to promotion and branding, have no doubt that custom printed backpacks could become one of your best allies.

    You have at your disposal a huge variety of fashionable backpacks with different designs that you can customise to your liking in the easiest and most comfortable way you could imagine. They are one of the main attractions of today's advertising sector, so don't hesitate to take a look and take advantage of all the advantages and possibilities they offer.

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    Frequently asked questions about personalised backpacks

    What materials are your customised backpacks made of?

    It depends on the gift item you prefer for your target group. In our catalogue you will see that for corporate backpacks, the material is usually accompanied by a code with a number and a letter. These numbers represent the mass in grams per 9,000 metres of fibre, the higher the number the greater the strength and durability of the product. The most common materials you will find are polyester, cotton, nylon, leatherette, non-woven and polypropylene. The latter is ideal if you are looking for waterproof backpacks.

    What types of logo backpacks do you have for sale?

    In our catalogue you will find different models for all kinds of occasions that will help you to choose very useful and comfortable business gifts. From more practical models such as sports backpacks, school backpacks or laptop backpacks, to backpacks with coolers, folding backpacks, backpacks with wheels, and the more than well-known rope backpacks.

    What techniques do you use to personalise backpacks for advertising?

    The type of marking you choose will depend on the material of the product and the design of your logo. Screen printing is the method used if the design does not have many colours, but if it has many different tones the best option will be sublimation or transfer. If you are looking for an elegant finish to leave your customers open-mouthed, we recommend embroidery, a slightly more expensive technique but with an exceptional result.

    When is it a good idea to give personalised backpacks for adults as gifts?

    Drawstrings personalised backpacks are a very effective corporate gift item. They are cheap, useful, and thanks to the large print area, your logo will look bigger and more beautiful than ever. The best times to give this product as a gift are at trade fairs, congresses and sporting events. It's also a good idea for your company to give these personalised book bags to your employees or clients, because not only will you be giving them a useful gift for everyday use, but they will also become your brand ambassadors when they wear your gift on the street or at work.

    Where can I buy personalised embroidered backpacks?

    As we have our own printing workshops, we can deliver your order of cheap designer backpacks to any city in Europe, whether it's Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin or any other city in Europe. Within 2 to 3 days after printing, you will receive your order at the address you specify, and if your order is for neutral products, delivery is even faster.