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    Use personalised aluminium water bottles to drink water in a sustainable way

    Metal drink bottles are one of the most popular advertising products in recent years, due to their versatility and convenience. They can be reused as many times as desired, making them an eco-friendly gift that can avoid the consumption of single-use plastic drinking containers. They can be combined with other sustainable items such as personalised tote bags. We also have personalised bottles in different materials depending on your company's customer profile. These types of aluminium water bottles are perfect for the outdoors and usually have a carabiner so they can be hung on a backpack, keeping them handy at all times. Their capacity? From 300 ml for the smallest to 800 millilitres for the largest. The cap is usually made of plastic so that not a single drop escapes.

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    Frequently asked questions about aluminium bottles

    How do you personalise branded aluminium water bottles?

    The most common techniques we use in our workshops for aluminium bottles and jerry cans are circular screen printing, offering a good finish at a low cost, and laser engraving, a slightly more expensive technique but with a more elegant and original result. There are also some models that allow pad printing as an alternative.

    When is it a good time to give personalised metal water bottles as a gift?

    We have models of different capacities that adapt to a multitude of occasions. One of the advantages is that they are suitable for any target audience because it is a useful promotional gift that can be used in everyday life to drink water, or to take with us when we go to work or travel. It is also a good gift to offer at events related to the world of sports and the environment, as it is an alternative to disposable plastic bottles.

    Is it possible to order just one custom metal water bottle?

    Our online shop offers many advantages, including the fact that there is no minimum order quantity. We accept both retail and wholesale orders, regardless of the quantity (taking into account the available stock of each promotional item).

    What is the difference between aluminium and stainless steel water bottles?

    Both are different types of metals which, although they may appear similar, are quite different. The former is lighter and less dense while the latter is more resistant and stronger. In our online shop you will find both aluminium water bottles and thermal water bottles made of stainless steel so that you can find the perfect merchandising product for your target group.