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    If you are looking for a practical company gift , that can be used for those time when we need to travel comfortably, you've sound the correct product. These cases are a publicity gift that are extremely useful, since they allow us to take all the essential items in a safe way. For example, it is perfect for festivals or large events in which it is useful to have a phone, documentation, etc. They are useful for keep our things dry and safe, even our phones, iPads, tablets... And if we are going to do a sport or a type of activity that requires a lot of movement. In addition, according to the model that you choose, you can hand it from your kneck or from your waist. To this we must add that the case is full customizeable, making the brand of your company very visible. For this to be done, you must attach to your order the logo file, so that we can create a digital prototype design. If you like it, we will screenprint it and we will send it to you we will send it to you as soon as possible.

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