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    Customized knives and multi-function knives.

    In the 16th Century, Charles III forbade anyone that wasn't a noble to carry a sword. Consequently, the knife was invented, one of the most useful and well-known tools in the world. Nowadays it is very practical, not so much for voilence, but as a gift for adventurers, travellers, for work, go on excursions or for any unforeseen circumstances. In addition, all the knives that you will find in our online shop are fully customizeable. This is therefore a great publicity gift. We sell cheap and unique knives at wholesale, they can be engraves using a laser. Choose from our wide range, choose between simple knives and cheap multi-function knives, according to your tastes. But also think about the most practical item for your client, since it is they who is going to use it. You can add your logo to the handle if you send us your design. Before you realize, you will be helping more than one client in their things, thanks to your customized gift.

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