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    Personalised handkerchiefs, bandanas and neckerchiefs for parties with your company logo

    If you want your company, association or club to stand out at a specific party, one of the best ideas you can have is to give hankies to your people. You will generate a lot of impact for your logo, as these promotional bandanas are used in massive events attended by many people. If you have decided to sponsor a group that participates in these events, it is a perfect way to make this action visible. Not to mention the feeling of closeness that you will generate with the members of the club, brotherhood or festival committee to whom your brand gives these merchandising products. Perhaps you can complete the branding action with some personalised sweatshirts and some cheap fans.

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    Frequently asked questions about party bandanas

    What types of personalised hankies do you have?

    In our online shop we have head bandanas and neck bandanas with a back knot, in different models and colours. They are usually made of 100% cotton or polyester. Our collection is ideal if you are looking for cool bandanas for festivities and parties.

    How do you print embroidered handkerchiefs in your workshops?

    We usually use screen printing, a fairly simple technique that allows you to print your logo or design economically. We can also do other techniques on request, such as screen transfer or sublimation. In each product sheet you can find the available areas of marking.

    Is it a good idea to give screen-printed bandanas as a gift?

    Popular festivals are a good occasion to give this merchandising product as a gift. It is the ideal moment as your customers will be enjoying themselves and taking a break from the daily routine. The vintage handkerchiefs are the perfect complement to accompany the fiestas, as if you associate your brand with the logo printed bandanas you will ensure that they have a positive memory of the experience.

    What is the origin of bandanas?

    It is common to associate the typical red bandana with the United States, as they were used by cowboys in the Wild West. But that's not where they originated, you have to go back a few years and travel to India. The word comes from the Sanskrit word 'Badhnati', which means to tie and is a reference to the technique of dyeing cloth.