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    Customized fanny packs for men and women and sports fanny packs for running.

    When we are goign to travel, we have to fit a lot in our suitcases, and a must is the toiletries bag. Especially if we are going to travel by plane, and we know how strict they are with liquids and hygeine products. For this reason, a customized toiletries bags ia a great idea for a publicity gift. If you have a company related to travel, cosmetics, personal hygeine products or a shop that sells these types of products, this gift is perfect. In our online shop, you can find toiletry bags for men and women, of different sizes and colours. You can customize them to your liking, with the logo of your company. To store make-up, shampoo bottles, toothpaste, shaving foam...whatever you want. It will be a product that gives you a great amount of utility, since it helps people organize their suitcase, so that everything doesn't go around loose. Economical customized toiletry bags. In you will find the one that best adapts to your needs, depending on the colour, size and shape. You decide how you want to customize it, send us the design that you want us to screenprint. When you are happy with the digital prototype design that we create, we will get the machines started and you will have your publicity gift as soon as possible.

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