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    Original customized ashtrays, ashtrays to put at your feet, for the beach and for the pocket.

    Whenever we go to the beach we find a cigarrette butt somewhere in the sand, and if we are the smokers, we have to improvise some sort of ashtray. And, like in the beach, the same thing happens in the countryside and in lots of other places. Thats why giving portable ashtrays are a good idea, becuase we contribute to everything being much more clean and so the smokers get rid of a burden on their shoulders. If you are a company whose products are consumed and used on leisure days outdoor, this is the perfect promotional gift for you. We have got ashtrays for promotional activity related to the environment, or summer events like festivals, this how we know how useful this product is and the positive results that it has. It is likely that not all your clients smoke, but it is never excessive to take an ashtray to hand since it can also be used ot throw away other items. When you make the order in our online shop, attach the file with your lofo in the highest quality possibl . Next, we will create a digital prototype design that allows one to see the final result. Once you are happy with this, we will go onto production, to print your logo on the beach ashtrays. Before you realise, your clients will be thanking you having giving them such a practical gift.

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