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    Branded webcam covers and laptop camera stickers to promote your brand through cybersecurity

    Personalised webcam covers with advertising are very effective promotional gifts at the moment, as they are still not as popular as they should be, so if you give them to your clients they will surely use them and have your logo on display for a long time.

    If Mark Zuckerberg has uploaded photos showing his webcam covered with a sticker, why can't you? It's the best way to avoid being spied on by malware. Now you can make it easier for your geeky clients to use their webcam safely, and much more convenient than with a simple sticker. 

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    Frequently asked questions about branded webcam covers

    Why and what are webcam cover slides for?

    Covering your laptop camera with a webcam blocker is very important to avoid hacker attacks that can end up receiving personal information from your computer. Its mechanism is quite easy, they usually have an adhesive on the back to stick it over the camera of your computer. It will allow you to work comfortably without having to worry about hackers and Trojan viruses that can access the camera. If you have a video conference don't worry, because some of our models have a sliding tab to make the webcam visible when you need it.

    How can printed webcam covers be customised?

    As the marking area is quite small, it can only be customised with a logo or small design. The most suitable techniques are screen printing and pad printing. Apart from these, we have some models that can be personalised by laser or with resin drops for a more original finish. You will have a promotional gift in front of your customer's eyes every time they open their laptop.

    How do I cover my laptop camera with an advertisement?

    You should first clean the surface of the camera where you are going to stick the camera protection cover with a microfibre cloth to remove any dust particles. This will make it easier to keep the product in place. You should also take care to unfold the tab carefully each time so that it doesn't come loose.

    What type of sticker do your promotional webcam covers use to stick to the laptop?

    The stickers on our laptop webcam covers are strong enough to stay on the screen but not so strong that they leave glue marks. We want your advertising to leave an impression but not make a mess.