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    Embroidered waistcoats with your logo for men and women at the best price

    Cheap waistcoats are a very typical gift for employees, because of their usefulness in many different professions. Depending on the style, you can give work waistcoats to workers who do physical exertion in winter and need freedom of movement without freezing. Another style can be for executives and other professional profiles who use fur waistcoats for men and women on which you can embroider a discreet company logo in the heart. Any other type of professional who has to make business visits or go in and out of the office repeatedly will appreciate this corporate gift. Some of our users are also interested in thermal bottles for the same target group, as this can also be very useful to them in their daily busy life...

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    Frequently asked questions about personalised vests & bodywarmers

    What kind of customised waistcoats do you offer?

    In our online shop we offer a wide range of fancy waistcoats for men and women. We have padded and fleeced vests to protect against the cold, multi-pocket vests, stand-up collars, hooded waistcoats, reflective waistcoats for safety (also available for children), waterproof and breathable material, etc. They are all available in a variety of colours and designs. They are all available in a variety of sizes and colours, and can be personalised with your logo or design to give them your brand image.

    How do you personalise men’s waistcoats in your workshops?

    Most commonly, screen printing or embroidery is used. The first technique is the simplest and cheapest, and gives a good finish at the best price. The latter is more expensive, but the result is excellent if you want to convey a professional image. The most common areas for branding are the chest and the back, but this depends on the model chosen.

    Is it a good idea to offer custom printed waistcoats?

    Blue waistcoats are a very original promotional gift with a good price-quality ratio. You will be able to surprise your target with a versatile and different garment, moving away from more typical products such as T-shirts or sweatshirts. On our website you will find the ideal fashionable waistcoats to make your audience look trendy while wearing your logo.

    Which colour should I choose for the fleece waistcoats depending on my customers' professions?

    Depending on the profile of the customers you are targeting, you need to make decisions about the colour. For operators, we recommend navy blue, grey and black; for painters, white; for executives, sober colours; and for those who work in hunting or fishing, green and beige tones. For the latter we recommend multi-pocket waistcoats, very useful for their profession.