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    Customized winter neck warmers and running neck warmers.

    When it is cold it is more difficult to do sport. {bottom_movil}Or we put on minimal clothing and we get cold, or we layer up a lot and it is imporssible to move. You'll think "Is there such think as a thermal and polar t-shirt. In addition, when you move, will you get hot". Yes, we don't disagree with you, but there is one part of the body that isn't covered: the neck. Going outside with all the body warm, nit you notice the coolness of the neck leaves us frozen. It is for this reason, the customized neck warms are the perfect gift gor your clients, if your clients are sports people. It is an item that will help them be a bit warmer and, even, stop you breathign cold air. sicne we often cover our mouth and nose. We have neck warmers for running and children, polar neck warmers and some that are thinner, from the ones that you choose, which do you prefer to give. We can embroider or print your logo in the sports neckwarmers, for this you need to send us the design and we will create a digital prototype design so you can see how it looks. If you give us the go ahead, within the time it takes you to complete a marathon, you'll see that your clients are enjoying the item that you have give them.

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